Summer 2016

by jayhayman

We spent our summer holiday in France. Somehow we managed to get an upgrade with Air France. Perhaps because our flight was delayed twice. Unfortunately, Cath and the kids caught a nasty virus, so I didn’t get much chance to enjoy it.

The first few days in Paris were a bit of a blur, with everyone unwell. However, we did manage to have lunch in Bellota, which is worth visiting for their incredible pata negra. Lena was exhausted though and slept through the whole meal.


Lena fast asleep at Bellota.



Lounging on the beach near Argeles.


Shortly after getting to Perpignan we headed to Barcelona for a few days with Julie and Chris (who flew over). It was the first trip away from the kids for 2 years. Predictably, at that point I caught the mystery illness, although Cath was convinced it was a ploy to avoid going shopping.

The food in Barcelona was amazing, and of course we caught up with Chris. The highlight of the trip for all of us was probably eating at Cinquecenta. A Catalan restaurant promising fine dining. From the outside, the restaurant looked pretty unremarkable, but it turned out to be the best food I have heard all year. The night was finished off, by a trip to the cocktail bar on Ramblas. They do fantastic vodka martinis.



At a rooftop bar.


Eating out at another restaurant.




Cath and Julie at Cinquecenta–



Later in Perpignan, Nick, Emilie, Valsa and Ben joined us on holiday with their kids. The weather was crazily hot, so we spent most of it in the pool. Good times, although not sure about “jaded aid” Valsa.


At zazas having a laugh.

Disneyland Paris

Towards the end of the holiday, we had a few days left in Paris, so decided to take the kids to Disneyland Paris. The weather was unseasonably hot the whole week.  I was worried about the crowds and incessant queues. You can’t turn up before 1000– from 0800 to 1000 is exclusive to guests of the hotels on the site.

Cath however came prepared. Maps had been printed out. A plan had been formed. She had an app showing queue times for each ride. Despite queue times of around 45 minutes a ride we managed to do most of the key rides for the girls– Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Snow White, etc. Alex loved it, but Lena was a little overwhelmed and scared. It was a good day out for the kids, but I was a little surprised to see so many young adults (without kids) coming to go on the baby rides.




Disneyland Paris