The garden route

by jayhayman

We recently took advantage of the May bank holiday to do a trip around the garden route.

Pringle Bay

The kids and I flew to Capetown and drove down to Pringle Bay — a friend of the family owned a house there.  Cath joined us a few days later from DC. The house was in an incredible location, overlooking the beach, and there were very few tourists.  Alex’s and Lena’s friends joined, so they had a great time.


View from Pringle Bay.


View from the balcony


Dehoop nature reserve

After 4 days at Pringle Bay we drove to Dehoop hotel located in a nature reserve. About 6 hours drive west from Capetown.  The hotel was originally a farm. Established by the East India Company– apparently they just sailed up the river.  Just outside our little cottage were animals indigenous to the area: Bonteboch, Zebra.

One of the highlights was the marine walk with a guide. He explained about marine life and the kids were able to hold all manner of creatures– starfish, anemone, hermit crabs.



Coastline at Dehoof. Kids fascinated by jellyfish washed on the shore.


Storm River Rest Camp, Kynsia

The last couple of days were spent in Storm river rest camp in a self-catering house overlooking the sea. I had my reservations, given it’s the national park authority, but it was so well run. We went on some amazing walks, including the world-famous otter trail. The otter trail is a 5-day trek along the coast line through stunning scenery. You have to carry all your own stuff. I am surprised Henry hasn’t done it already. By contrast, we only managed a small section of the walk to a waterfall before it got too difficult and we had to turn back.

It’s a sensational part of the world only marred by epic coach-loads of bratty Europeans who are not interested in the scenery, but in smashing rocks on the ground.



View from the lookout point over the national park.


On the otter trail




Storm river– good for kayaking, allegedly.